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Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics Services

Giving your business the tools to gain insight to the minds of your market, engage that market, and measure its performance against real time data.

Bringing the power of big data and analysis, Cal Cyber Lab offers solutions that allow real time measurement of the market landscape and how it responds to your market and sales campaigns.

Make data on the net work for you, the easy way.

Analytics for Business

Featured Benefits
A better customer experience. A visually pleasing branded login page makes it easier and more appealing for customers to access the Wi-Fi.

Improve customer retention and increase loyalty. Use the campaigns feature to retain at risk customers and drive incremental sales by pushing in-store messages and coupons

On-site analytics allow you to discover new versus repeat visitors, dwell-times, peak hours and demographic information, as well as uncover the success of promotional campaigns.

Passively build targeted marketing lists. Social Wi-Fi collects, segments and stores contact information from every guest who signs on to your Wi-Fi.

Compare data from different timeframes in your venue's history or with other venues and groups. See how effective one promotion was vs another in driving visits.

Our visuals make it easy to identify your businesses' strengths and weaknesses.

Export the data from a widget to an email to send to business partners or to a CSV for offline work. Cal Cyber Lab sends you weekly snapshot updates of your store performance.

A/B test new initiatives and track performance. Does playing upbeat music make people shop longer and spend more?
Insightful Metrics

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