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We are always looking to increase our numbers!

Information technology is an ever advancing field. Here at EZ Worknet we strive to be on top of the most advanced technologies available and are always looking to increase our staff with gifted Technology Professionals. Please see below if we have an opportunity for you.


Systems Administrator.

Always looking for staff who have the know how and the desire to be the backbone of business infrastructure. Systems administration technologists require knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage and maintain Active Directory and Exchange credentials for standard and Administration level users.  Developing and maintaining permissions and authorizations to network resources. Please contact us for more details.


Network Engineer.

Devlopment and management of Corporate networks and the ability to design adequate resources for multi user environments. Industry Certification level education required.


Field Engineer.

Frequent travel to client facilites and Co-location datacenters. Direct interaction with a wide variety of users, and representation of EZ Worknet corporate interests. Onsite troubleshooting and analysis a wide range of technical interests. Critical thinking and ability to adapt.


Marketing and Sales.

Are you out-going, do you like to meet new people. We are looking for experienced marketers with a flare for technology. Interation with multiple levels of Vendors, Clients, and Event Coordination specialists.

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