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Secure  Communication \ HIPPA


HIPPA compliancy is a requirement for all medical and financial institutions communications traffic. EZworknet has you covered. Our hosting mail solutions provide 100% HIPPA compliancy and have undergone rigorous testing and certification in order to meet or exceed any requirements for the confidential communication of sensitive data.



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24 / 7 Call Center Support


On staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Sign up for our Help desk service and experience the benefits of having an IT lifeline anytime you need one.  At home, in the office, or on the road Cal Cyber Lab certified staff are available to offer the cutting edge support services, through remote assistance and management systems. Enabling the Gen-Next level of service you have come to expect from technology support personnel  

Spam Protection
As the primary means of communication powering business today, no means of communication is deemed more valuable to production and management of operations workflow today than electronic mail.

That knowledge is well known by marketers, manufacturers and those with malicious intentions as well. Meaningless advertisements (SPAM), Viruses, Phishing attempts, and other forms of Mal-ware, Spyware, and Ad-ware pose a constant irritation in the modern email platform.
Additionally, legal compliance policies strictly govern the safety and security of communication across multiple fields of Medical, Financial, and Legal professions. 
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