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Healthcare Technology


Providing premiere managed technology support services for Healthcare, Medical, and First Respond-er systems. EZworknet infrastructure and service platforms are fully compliant with HIPPA requirements in service platform, communications and support services.


Resilient technology designed for the healthcare community. Business continuity and security provide guaranteed availability for critical systems infrastructure. 


Unified Communications

Unique tools for unified communications allows medical professionals to be virtually present no matter how far away they may be.  The birth of the cloud and the growth of big data now allows medical professionals to resource massive amounts of data from anywhere in the world with the click of a button. Having great access to research and new and unique perspectives on medical analysis will afford medical professions the best access to training and the means to put it to use. 


Dental Offices

EZworknet  is one of the fastest growing dental technology support and services provider  in the southwest – and for good reason. We provide innovative and cost effective solutions for our client’s technology needs, while priding ourselves on delivery the best level of service possible.

Dental offices rely on a complex suite of hardware and software from multiple vendors. When problems occur or updates are required, the office manager is generally burdened with managing the coordination and resolution of any issues. This is time consuming and expensive.

In addition to onsite technical support, we also provide 24×7 monitoring and preventive care via our Specialized team of Support Services Staff with 24 x 7 support call centers and non-stop monitoring of critical data infrastructures.

EZworknet  has you covered

Medical Technology Support Services

Medical Office

Providing support and management of patient records and office scheduling technolgoies.

Records Management

Familiarized with pateint records and enabling HIPPA compliant stroage and access services.

Unified Communications

Providing generation next  communication technology  for real world emergencies.

Medical Records

Medical Records and patient file database systems management have been shown to streamline patient satisfaction up to 300%. Providing instant access to medical history and up to the minute treatment recommendations.  E-recording has offered gains in workspace and therefore additional room for patients providing increases in efficiency and patient comfort levels. 

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