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Proximity-based Bluetooth Messaging

Cal Cyber Lab is a provide partner with Piper iBeacons, delivering interactive proximity based Bluetooth messaging and Activity Sensing & Reporting. 

Proximity is about triggering actions based on detecting what’s nearby. Using Bluetooth LE  technology that’s tied to a powerful cloud-based platform, Piper detects the presence of people, physical assets, environmental conditions, and numerous other data points. Using real-time analysis of this data, Piper is able to calculate more efficient scheduling, improve training, reduce waste in allocating technology and heavy equipment, and alerting users to facility information – all in real time.

Internet of Things

Everything is connected - Are you?

The Internet of things is here. Devices from watches, phones, coffee pots, refrigerators, cars, cameras, event lights are connected to the internet.  Networking, connecting, managing, and securing these devices can be complex and time consuming. What's more, how can you be sure they are safe from new attacks. 


Valuable Solutions

  • Retail    Piper proximity devices create a limitless opportunity for connecting with customers, integrating with third party services, providing remote live customer services, and employee training.

  • Education – Schools can engage with students on their campus by sharing news updates, important safety information, event reminders, recreation schedules, navigation, and self guided tours.

  • Navigation  –  Help patients and visitors find their way and maintain time critical scheduling for locations that are comprised of large, complex and interconnected facilities.

  • Transit –  Transit authorities can track the location of trains and vehicles, drive countdown clocks and public apps, monitor acceleration and braking, sense and respond to rider density, facilitate payment, enhance transit advertising strategies, and reduce overhead.

  • Public Information – Smartphone apps help keep the public informed and help municipalities respond to population growth and tourism demands. Libraries, state and local schools, parks and tourist attractions become more engaging venues when proximity messaging is available.

  • Healthcare – Asset tracking for equipment and biological samples, indoor navigation, patient care and monitoring, automated patient checking, and mobile messaging.

  • State and Local  – Vehicle and asset tracking, temperature and motion detection, public safety and awareness, public information.

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