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Technology Support

Construction and Manufacturing

Adaptable technologies designed with the Industrial and Construction job site in mind. The rapid rate of technological advancement and speed with which business collaboration has moved to the cloud, mobile office design implementation has taken on a whole new meaning. Imagine the entire office now becoming more than just a mobile workstation. Not just a laptop and a phone, a complete business office collaboration platform on the go.  Plug and play drops for VoIP, network infrastructure, security, AD, Email, File Share, print services, web development and localized unified communication systems. We are redefining what it means to be mobile. Packaged office platforms available to your door and ready to move.

True Mobility

EZworknet's customized mobile office environments built cloud ready, capable of development and deployment within minutes.  Bringing headquarter to the field and allowing system designed infrastructures to be up and ready in minutes rather than hours.  


When mobility is key to successful operations, the various utilities, setup, configurations, and limitations of an ever changing location  can now be uniform and seemless. 

Cloud Services for the Mobile Office

Take the office with you in the cloud. Office 365 and Cloud server infrastructures hosting your operations technology resources allow users to access their data when they need it, where they need it.


EZworknet's mobile network solutions allow for instant on, user friendly

adaptive networking and direct connectivity to the cloud. File Servers,

User authentication, database services, all can be

accessible from any location. 

Giving new meaning to the phrase "Plug and Play"

Adaptive Mesh Network Design

Unsure of your landscape. EZworknet works with the leading mesh network developers, and specializes in creating resiliant and self-healing network topographies for stable platforms suitable for any environment.  Perfectly designed for unpredictable situations needing reliable connectivity.

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