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Detailed asset reporting, complete with system analysis and warranty status. Installed software, and equipment life-cycle tracking. Monthly and quarter reporting available.

Cross platform  analysis and detection, behavioral analysis, signature recognition, SECaaS (Security as a Service)  models enable EZworknet to provide digital security active at all times. 

EZworknet's complex analysis will seek out your sensitive data and assign numerical fiscal value to show complete at risk liability in the event of a breach. 

Cloud computing and cloud storage management. End to end provisioning and support by EZworknet Cloud Certified technicians guarantee your organization the availability and security in a decentralized environment.


Data Privacy Compliance is now here. From GDPR to HIPPA, and beyond. EZworknet provides entire life cycle Data Privacy services and evaluation.

Reduce costly downtime in the event of a disaster, by providing Back Up and Recovery plans that help you get back to business fast. End your reliance on outdated tape backup systems, or incident driven recovery plans.

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