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Instant Infrastructure as a Service Deployment

Complete Office Infrastructure - COI Box

Cal Cyber Lab​'s Office Architecture in a Box provides complete Business Architecture Design and Network Design Solutions, pre-configured and business ready right out of the box.  

Simply choose your preference make and model of machine, storage, and infrastructure design type and our engineers will design a specialized case with your complete office infrastructure. 

VoIP phones, Server Shares, Desktops with Help Desk Support, Laptops with Help Desk support, all pre-configured to connect to your network as soon as it is plugged in

We are redefining a plug and play operation. 

Sample Deployment

Taking the Board Room on the Road

Cal Cyber Lab's Mobile Conference rooms offer the performance and freedom to allow for a traveling conference.


Rental fees can often make or break an organizations decision to hold meetings in mobile locations.  Cal Cyber Lab has designed a solution revolutionizing Conference planning and Design.


By enabling VoIP service through LTE and Mobile technologies, organizations can now enjoy the same satisfaction of in Office Board meetings at any location. 

Mobile Conference Room.jpg

Sample Deployment

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