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Empowering your Real Estate Sales through Technology

Imagine tapping a prospective buyer on the shoulder as they’re walking past one of your listings and saying, “This home is perfect for you.”

iBeacons are small, inexpensive, battery-powered Bluetooth devices that you can place on your For Sale Sign or anywhere on the property. They send out a signal that smartphones listen for and instantly send a notification whenever someone is nearby your listing. iBeacon technologies also allow for history logging, enabling users who have recently traveled past your proximity signal to search listings after they have recently visited.

You already tell your clients to follow you on Facebook and Twitter. Now you can reach those clients every-time they visit or pass a property you have listed and choose from many different kinds of messages, including:

  • Links to the property on your website

  • Photos and videos

  • Custom text messages

  • Face-time video connections and more!



Increase your exposure and drive greater awareness to your property listings complete with feature rich information. Never miss a potential sale due to running out of property sheets or paper marketing materials.

Increase agent client experience by deploying close proximity iBeacons throughout a property location enabling automated highlights of property features and information.

EZworknet is proud to partner with the leading iBeacon technology developers and creators of new and intuitive communication technologies.

Contact us to learn more about how these devices can help increase your client base and further drive sales and leads. and further enhance your client agent experiences.

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