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 Retail Technology

Intelligent Digital Signage , Augmented

Securing systems and Merchant Transactions with the top merchant account brokers, we help business get their customers what they need when they need it.


Whether it's Business Marketing Analytics or Digital Displays, EZworknet offers sales and support to get you the recognition enabling products and support to guarantee more and more return visits. Providing the tools you need to sell and thrive. EZworknet offers a wide variety of tools and services in support of your retail marketing needs. Complete with Business Analytics Software, Digital Signage, Event Management Services, Point of Sale Support, Cloud Integration, Marketing Campaign and Engagement Services, and Compliance Analysis.


On-Site staff training and cyber security training available.


Bringing the people back

Point of Sale



A POS (Point of Sale) system takes the hassle out of the ring up. PoS systems are designed with software linking them to inventory and accounting networks. POS systems can store endless amounts of stock and client data - instantly and electronically. This form of sensitive data requires PCI compliant secure systems and a support team with the know how to manage them. EZworknet's highly specialized team of support engineers are trained to work with your sales team and stock team at just a phone call away.

Improved Efficiency / Stock Management / Accurate Reports / Employee Tracking/

 Price Consistency

Make a Statement

As a modern replacement for print media, digital signage takes advantage of the flexibility offered by advances in audio-video technology, specifically the ability to integrate dynamic content. No more boring static images delivered by poster and static billboards. Bring your material to life with interactive marketing campaigns.


Advertise and Inform.


Perfect for:   Hotels, Malls, Property Management, Convention Centers, Apartments, Theaters 


Dynamic content control and cost-effectiveness.



No Paper Waste.  Audience Engagement.  Targeted Content.  Overcoming Spatial Limitations.

Convenient accessibility.  Revenue generation.

Business Analytics

Increasing sales and driving market intelligence is key to building a successful relationship with our customers. Through EZworknet's business analytic software and service relationships, gaining insight into current trends present in today's market and projecting future spending habits becomes a simple step process. Fostering relationships with the leaders in business analysis, our sales and service team works in tandem with your service specialists to ensure the proper tools are in place, and within budget.

Customer Engagement

Bringing your business to your client, and bringing them back to your business. Through statistical analysis and data tracking software, retailers, restaurants, and more, can engage their clients through targeted marketing campaigns that relate to thier consumers.  Increased market impressions that impact the market strategically and effectively. EZworknet specializes in helping businesses maximize their data.

Using real-time data and customer engagement, EZworknet can show you how to maximize each marketable impression your target demographic can offer.

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