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Understanding Cyber Security and the Threat Landscape

The connected world of today's business, government, and consumer environments all want the ability to access information, communicate, and execute transactions with real-world security. However, every advance in communication and convenience of technology also brings new threats to privacy and security in the global cyber threat landscape.


Information security has become critical to mitigating risks that can destroy a company's reputation, violate a consumer's privacy, compromise intellectual property, and in some cases, endanger lives.


Cal Cyber Lab offers managed Security Services providing an "always on" approach to monitoring, mitigation and management. In collaboration with the leading innovators in Cyber Security, Cal Cyber Lab Managed Security Service provides the layer of security and support businesses rely on to navigate Cyber Space in peace.

Threat Intelligence: Discovery


Cal Cyber Lab is proud to honor partnerships with the leading Threat Intelligence, Intrusion Prevention, Antivirus, and Anti-Malware developers and to provide an all inclusive security assessment, complete with the security protocols and analysis to keep your network safe and up to date.


The latest threat intelligence and news resources readily available when you need them most. 

Dedicated Information Systems Security Expert Analysis, Penetration Testing, Red Team, Blue Team, and continuous security Audits provide enhanced security and protection services capable of standing up to the persistent cyber threats present in today's cyber space.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware / Intrusion Prevention and Detection


Prevention is the key, but in an uncertain world response is essential. Protecting your networks from Phishing, Trojan, Adware, Spyware, Virus, Zero-Day exploit, DDoS, Ransomware and a wide range of dangers present in the digital space.

Cross platform  analysis and detection, behavioral analysis, signature recognition, SECaaS (Security as a Service)  models enable Cal Cyber Lab to provide digital security active at all times. 

Bio-metric Access Control

Accessing secure systems requires a layer of protection more secure than a simple password can provide. With bio-metric access control systems individualized secure access to not only on-prem and remote systems, but to physically secure devices as well. Fingerprint, voice, retina, facial recognition, and multi-modal authentication options available.

Security Awareness Training

Cal Cyber Lab Security Awareness Training delivers awareness education to your workforce.  Our training program reinforces proper end-user behavior through simulated phishing attacks, measuring users’ compliance and reporting of vulnerability and exploit vectors. With appropriate employee training, your organization can better avoid data breaches and prevent malware infections such as Cryptolocker, CryptoWall, and Ransom32 style attacks, in which recovery could cost your organization significant time and money.

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