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Call Center and Remote Support

Day or night, someone will be available to answer your questions. Our call center is equipped with state of the art monitoring resources and staff around the clock will be happy to assist you with you needs.

When working on late night projects and time sensitive material, systems fault and software malfunctions are an unforeseen expenditure no one can afford. 

24/7/365 Call Center and Help Desk

Centralized Management and Server Support


Server support provides the highest level technical expertise in design, troubleshooting, monitoring, maintenance, updating, and evaluation. Catching critical vulnerabilities before they become problems.

Server downtime means corporate downtime.

 Around the clock staff, around the clock support.


Highly trained experts and Certified Engineers provide system health check, security review, and frequent performance evaluations of all server architectures held under Cal Cyber Lab Active Support Care.


Continuous preventative maintenance, guaranteed Highly Available Systems are a mandatory part of the Cal Cyber Lab support cycle. 


Immediate alerts are sent to Cal Cyber Lab remote and onsite staff in the event of an interruption of services in corporate infrastructure technologies.  


In the event of an outage, a full technical report describing what happened, why it happened, and how it happened is prepared and reviewed with those impacted to ensure it never happens again.

Application Whitelisting (Prevention)

Application whitelisting secures environments by ensuring only those application recognized and trusted to run on systems technologies are authorized to perform actions or access data. By building adequate application profiles and monitoring application behavior through Cal Cyber Lab's multi layer threat intelligence systems, Cal Cyber Lab security engineers are able to monitor and prevent unauthorized applications and potential threats from performing actions on your network and on your machine. 


Remote technologies will allow our staff to effortlessly keep your systems up to date while reviewing these updates prior to their release.

Preventing conflicting updates from installing and presenting you with unnecessary down-time, restoration, or repair. 


Anti-Virus and Malware scanning software reaches out to you and ensures that you are fully equipped with the tools necessary in an uncertain environment, preventing even the most elusive attack, exploit, or fault from interfering with your work flow. 

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