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Ransomware hearing request

While ransom-ware continues to be one of the largest concerns of business IT today, it has now started to gain the attention of legislative official.

As per Politico Morning Cyber Security: "LIEU SEEKS RANSOMWARE HEARING - Rep. Ted Lieu on Tuesday asked the leaders of the House Oversight Committee to hold a hearing on the growing scourge of ransomware, citing a string of health care-related attacks in the Los Angeles area he represents and on the San Francisco railway system in his state. "These malware attacks have had tremendous economic costs in recent years, and it would seem only a matter of time before we face life-threatening or national security consequences as well," Lieu wrote in his letter to Chairman Jason Chaffetz and top Democrat Elijah Cummings. "Whether it is a law enforcement agency losing track of a target or critical infrastructure failing to perform, the hypothetical scenarios should not be disregarded."

EZworknet strongly supports Representative Ted Lieu and his request to focus more attention to the growing proliferation of ransom-ware types of attacks.

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