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Mobile Work Force

The typical employee uses three devices a day for work, and most own at least one of them. There has also been a large increase in the number and type of applications used on these devices.

Cal Cyber Lab offers Mobile Device management and a full service support component to provide immediate and fully inclusive support services, tutorials, and support services for the mobile workforce.

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Cal Cyber Lab portable office solutions bring the functionality of a fully operational office to the mobile workforce.
Our "ShadoCase | ShadoGuard" solution allows for immediate deployment setup, installation, and operation of complete office solutions within minutes.

Fully portable and with no in-house configuration required. When it is time to move, simply place all your devices back in the box and transport. 
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Smart Phones

Supporting the integration and synchronization of all major mobile platforms.

Whether you need to take it with you, or you rely on mobile integration in your ongoing business structure, we offer multiple programs and solutions for managing and maintaining your mobile world. 

Our cloud solutions will allow you to work anywhere, anytime, with seamless communication. 

Tablet and Hybrid
Whether your making rounds, or simply giving a presentation. Tablet computing has been shown to increase productivity and allow more diverse and qualitative communication management as well as more engaging presentation capabilities.  


Let Cal Cyber Lab show you how we can make your tablet work for you.

In the cloud, or simply for email, our specialized staff will walk you through the inner workings of the Tablet and what it can do. Unlock the capabilities and enjoy a previously unseen world of productivity .

Ask us about our global encrypted communications service and secure communication systems. A revolutionary peer-to-peer global platform of encrypted services for mobile devices that enable private and secure voice, video, text and file transfer through a secure proprietary network, software and mobiles apps.

Mobile Device Management

Enabling Enterprise and Corporate users the ability to take their work with them, while keeping separate personal data.


It’s no secret that your employees want to bring their personal devices into the workplace – and there’s good reason to let them.

Unfortunately, successfully managing and securing iPads, iPhones, Androids, and other mobile devices can be quite a challenge.

With Cal Cyber Lab mobile device management solution, we provide businesses with real-time visibility and control over their mobile environment, significantly reducing the risk and cost associated with managing these devices.

Quarantining new devices automatically until authorized to access your network

Pushing enterprise policies over the air, such as Wi-Fi, email and VPN profiles

Application blacklisting and blocking device access

Enforcing pass-code protection, encryption and security updates

Wiping corporate data from lost or stolen devices remotely

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