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EZworknet provides a team of business and technology professionals who help you effectively identify technology opportunities to better support your organizational and information strategy.  We draw upon a highly experienced group of team members who have subject matter expertise in various areas of nonprofit operations and technology.


Nonprofits choose to work with us when they seek strategic and collaborative partners.

We help senior leadership assess the business value of various options available to the organization


We then play a comprehensive and hands-on role in leading and managing projects, working with a core group of client stakeholders to build consensus around needs and solutions.


We oversee the efforts of third-party solution vendors as they implement their solutions, often serving as the primary point of contact for leading and coordinating our customers’ internal teams during and after implementation


EZworknet serves as trusted adviser to our nonprofit clients; as such, we do not take fees from vendors of the solutions we evaluate. We are solution-agnostic, meaning we consider it our responsibility to consider the full range of viable solutions available to our clients.

Technology and Support for Non-Profits

Expertise, proven approach, and focus on nonprofit technology make us a very strong choice for your Non-Profit's needs in technology consulting and support.  Committed to long term, collaborative partnerships, EZworknet looks to ensure efficiency and functionality in technology operations management.

Technology Support for Non-Profit

We work collaboratively with clients to address their challenges, providing the senior-level capacity to lead and support initiatives through several closely related service offerings.


Fractional Chief Information Officer (CIO), Information Strategy/Roadmap, Information System Assessment, Selection and Implementation, Project Management and Internal Communications

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

EZworknet helps nonprofit organizations select and implement information system disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that fit their budget and their needs.


Information systems are critical to the life and success of an organization, and business continuity means planning for situations in which these systems and their data may not otherwise be accessible for some period of time.  


Anything from natural disasters to human error can impact your organization’s ability to function. Planning for disasters before they happen is the key to ensure an organization will continue to have access to and the ability to process critical information, even in these situations.


Disaster recovery is an important subset of business continuity.  We help you evaluate the options available based on business decisions such as recovery time objective and data retention period. We then implement the solution that is the best fit for your objectives and your budget.

Managed Technology Support Services


EZworknet provides managed IT services for nonprofits that want to outsource all or part of their IT support and hosted services.   For a fixed monthly fee we provide unlimited remote and on-site help desk support, proactive network management, and ongoing IT planning from a dedicated team of experts. More importantly, you provide your colleagues with a great IT environment and peace of mind so you can focus on your mission.


We provide the depth and breadth of experience expected from an experienced IT company, executed with the same high level of support and investment that might come from an employee. We offer face-to-face relationships with a team of experts who become part of your organization and deliver proactive, future-looking solutions appropriate for your organization.


The following managed services are also available for organizations with whom we have an ongoing support relationship:


Workstation and Server Monitoring

Managed Antivirus

Managed Backup

Email Filtering and Security and Continuity

Server Hosting

Managed Firewall

Strategic Technology Planning


Successful nonprofits in today’s world use technology strategically in support of their mission.  EZworknet can serve as the strategic technology voice in your organization’s planning efforts, identifying opportunities for technology to help your organization run smoothly and better support your mission.


We first seek to understand your organization and long-term goals, then recommend and implement solutions that fit those big picture needs,  we then grow with your organization over the long term. Our collaborative approach provides the framework for utilizing our deep knowledge of technology and extensive experience.  With our exclusive focus on nonprofit technology, we fully understand how your unique needs and the opportunities available to nonprofits affect this planning in unique ways.


Our IT Planning covers the following areas and more:


Network and Server Architecture

Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Mobile Device Management

IT Governance

Information Systems – CRM, Fundraising, Member Management, Collaboration, and other databases and applications

Telephone Systems – Voice Over IP, Hosted PBX, and more

IT Staffing

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Network and Data Architecture

Know your environment, that is the key to survival.  EZworknet's unique ability to acclimate with your environment as it exists allows for customized network design and data architecture to properly suit the needs of your mission. 


By knowing the needs of the staff and the needs of the organization, EZworknet is able to prioritize data management and systems deliverable in a manner specific to the client's needs. 

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